universal joint coupling
Cross Axis Cardan Shaft Universal Joint Jun 10, 2021

SWC Cardan Shaft utilizing the characteristics of its structure, the two axes can be continuously rotated to transmit torque and motion even the two axes are not on the same axis and axis angle β exists.

SWC Cardan Shaft are widely used in various fields. Several large cross-axis universal couplings are mainly different from bearings structure and cross fork heads. In order to ensure the synchronization of the main and driven ends, the actual application of the use of double-link type, double-link joining method has welding or the use of flange disk bolted joint.

There many types of changes in the length of the middle, cross head parts of cross shaft universal joint have the following types:

universal joint coupling

The above heavy and small universal joints are general type. Different automatic have their own special universal joints or other types of universal joints.

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