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Importance of Coupling Dynamic Balance Sep 24, 2021
Refers to the state of the centrifugal force that deviates from the transmission shaft system at both ends when the coupling is running. High-quality couplings must strictly control the accuracy index of the coupling dynamic balance 
The dynamic balance accuracy index has different national standards according to different coupling types.High-quality couplings such as Cardan Universal Joint, Alloy Steel Universal Joint Coupling, Cardan Shaft, requires manufacturers to use forging materials as much as possible, integrally molded with suitable heat treated to avoid the centrifugal force deviation;which caused by porosity and blister.These problems often happens in cast steel materials.
The dynamic balance index can be detected on the dynamic balance test machine ;also counter weight can be solved.However, the key reasons for dynamic balance accuracy errors are the manufacturing precision. such as material type (forging material and casting material), coupling accessories (pins, connecting bolts, diaphragms) connect accuracy with the coupling body.Increasing the connect accuracy of the accessories is an effective measure to improve the dynamic balance accuracy.such as ,XL HRC coupling, if the connect state of elastic cushion and two halves different,the centrifugal force will different under medium and high speed operation,reflected in the noise and the steady state of the transmission shaft at both ends.
Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. uses forging method to integrally produce couplings. If we blindly pursue low prices, we cannot buy high-quality couplings. We are only make the top quality coupling and transmission shaft .

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