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The Function and Performance Characteristics of Step-Type Double Diaphragm Couplings Aug 26, 2021

Diaphragm coupling  is also called servo motor coupling.

Servo motor coupling is a mechanical part that is used to connect two shafts in different mechanisms (driving shaft and driven shaft), rotating together to transmit torque.When the machine is running, the two shafts cannot be separated. Only after the machine is stopped, then connection is disassembled, the two shafts can be separated.In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission,also have the function of cushioning, damping and improve the dynamic performance of the shaft system.

The servo motor coupling has a certain ability to compensate the offset of the two axes,to eliminate or reduce the additional load caused by the relative offset of the two axes, improve the transmission performance, and extend machine life .In order to reduce the vibration and impact load of the mechanical transmission system.
It not only has a certain cushioning and shock-absorbing performance, but also has overload safety protection.

Performance characteristics:
1. Zero gap: There must be no gap during transmission, including forward clearance and backlash ;
2. High rigidity: that is, the hysteresis of the transmission cannot occur, otherwise the accuracy will be seriously affected;
3.  Low inertia: On the basis of ensuring transmission strength, should be reduced  its weight as much as possible;
4.  Flexibility: The precision servo motor coupling not only requires high rigidity, but also needs to absorb the deviation between two shaft during the installation process;
5. Other properties of servo motor coupling: heat resistance, dynamic balance, etc.

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