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Why cracks or breaks happens ?How to improve it Aug 18, 2021

Cracks or fractures often occur during its works.to those malfunction, we carry out statistical analysis, find out the reason to improve them, so as to prolong the service life ,effectively reduce the equipment failure rate, and ensure equipment stable operating.

universal joint

Why the universal coupling easy broken?

(1) Cracks at the fork head of the shaft, which accounted for 60% of the total failure;

(2) spline sleeve was broken, accounting for 40% of the total failure;

How to improve it ?

(1) Working reason: Take the cast bridge crane universal joint as an example. Its faults mainly occur on the track port ,where uneven tread wear and the gauge change is allowed;which causing the crane wheel to be impacted. It acts on the universal joint coupling indirectly , which shortens the service life. Adjust the gauge, level, and height difference of the crane cart track, or perform thermite welding to improve the working environment.

(2)  Non-uniform bearing: Take the casting bridge crane as an example, it is driven by sections. Each set of cart mechanism has an independent braking system. If the4 sets braking torques are inconsistent, then brakes work asynchronously.It is very likely that one set of braking torque is too large, which causes a large impact on a single universal joint and break.Adjust the braking torque so that the 4 sets brakes can be braked synchronously to prevent the single universal joint from bearing excessive torque.

(3) Processing technology:if the material quality is poor, the heat treatment process is improper, and the fork has casting and welding quality problems, etc., it will cause the universal joint to easily form a weak point during use.You can choose high-quality universal couplings. Houzhe is a factory specialized in manufacturing high-quality universal couplings. Ensure quality from material, design, and process, which reduces equipment failures caused by quality problems at the beginning.

(4) Model selection; if the torque does not meet the requirements, it is easy to crack or even break. At this time, we should calculate the torque again, verify whether the torque meets the requirements or no ,to ensure that the selected universal joint can meet or exceed the actual required torque. We have a professional design and technical team to help you calculate the accurate and suitable torque.

(5) In addition, it is also closely related to installation, bearing and working environment.

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