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Why Universal Joints Was Widely Used Jun 10, 2021
universal joint couplings are just like the joints of human hands and legs, and the structure of the machine is different from humans. They have different functions and different forms. Therefore, the universal couplings used on the machine are far more than ours. The joints of the human body should be diverse.

This determines that there are many types of couplings, such as small and precise universal couplings, such as larger flexible and rigid couplings, and larger one universal transmission shafts.

People are tall, short, fat, and thin, so the joint size is also different. Similarly, different machines, even if they use the same type of coupling, there will be differences in size, so when you need to use a coupling first, You must clearly know the model of the machine, the size of the power, the speed, how much force to transfer, in order to choose the most suitable coupling, otherwise it can only bring damage to the machine, just like you are one meter six However, if you are equipped with a joint suitable for Yao Ming's long legs, will it be very uncoordinated and a big burden on this body?

Universal couplings are mainly suitable for heavy machinery such as rolling machinery, lifting and transportation machinery. Such as automobiles, tractors, various tracked vehicles, diesel locomotives, machine tools, rolling mills, etc. Others such as construction, light industry, chemical, food, packaging machinery, etc. Universal couplings are also widely used in other construction, light industry, chemical, food, packaging machinery, etc.

For example, in the petroleum industry, oil start-up, pumping, and drilling, universal couplings are required.

So why its so widely used? What are the advantages?
The answer is High transmission efficiency, good reliability, high corrosion resistance and
simple structure with easy manufacture.

Since its high transmission efficiency, good reliability, and high corrosion resistance, it can be used in high temperature, low oil, and corrosive media working environments.So Its can be widely used in the automotive industry.In rear-drive vehicles, universal joints are needed between the engine, clutch and transmission. Can reduce vehicle vibration, reduce component damage and noise, and extend component life.
Universal joint structure is relatively simple, and the parts are not complicated. Most can be manufactured by ordinary processing, allowing the included angle between the two shafts to vary within a limited range according to the needs.

Above is some simple information about universal coupling ,hope its helpful to you ,if you want to learn more about is ,please feel free to call us ,we will be glad to offer you any information about our products!

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