Universal Joint
  • Gr-Type Retractable Quick-Lock Universal Joints Are Applied On Cold-Bending Devices
    GR Type Universal Joint inside have spring, which makes installation fast and easy, saving time and other Features. It is used for the transmission with axis angle β≤45°on the same plane. It provides favorable conditions for the renewal of mechanical products. The large torque can be transmitted by using the square body plus the sliding bearing, needle bearing can increase the rotational speed, and the theory reaches 4000 rpm. If special design up to 10000 rpm ,which can be use steel rolling machinery, leveling machinery,printing machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, automotive industry, automation equipment and other industries. Pictures shows our customer bought Gr fast release universal joint from us ,which installation their refrigeration equipment already nearly 3 years still under good condition and work very well.
  • QC Detachable Universal Joints Are Used In Liquid Filling Machinery
    QC Detachable Universal Joint with the feature of simple and compact structure, small steering angle, durable,strong bearing capacity ,  convenient installation, so it was very widely use. The "detachable universal joint", which is researched and developed by us, has got the national patent. Our company has cooperated with various kinds of machines factory such as CNC machinery, woodworking machinery, aerospace application, glass machinery,  food packaging machinery, paper manufacturing machinery, metallurgical machinery, automated machinery. Pictures shows that our detachable universal joint used in their liquid canning machine already more than 2 years under well condition.
  • SWC Cardan Shafts Are Used In Oil Test Platform Equipment
    SWC Type Cardan Shaft Universal Joint is an general transmission part. It can connect two transmission systems that are not on the same axis and reliably transmit torque and motion.With the feature of high bearing capacity,longer life,stable transmission,no any noise,stable transmission and easy maintenance.Its most obvious characteristic is its large angular compensation ability. It was wildly used in metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, petroleum machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transport machinery, light industrial machinery ,precision machinery, control machinery and other machinery. Pictures shows our SWC Cardan Shaft applied on the customer's oil testing platform equipment.
  • WSP Retractable Universal Joints Are Used In Carpentry Machinery
    WSP Extendable Alloy Steel Universal Joint with a maximum transfer angle of 45° per section, which can connect more shaft spacing, higher precision and longer life. Pictured is our WSP Extendable Alloy Steel Universal Joint applied to customer's woodworking machinery.

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