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Fixing Method of Elastic Coupling Sep 10, 2021

The elastic coupling is usually formed by wire cutting of a round metal rod. it is an integrally formed metal elastic body.Usually,it has three material:aluminum alloy, stainless steel and engineering plastics, suitable for various deviations and precise torque transmission.Elastic couplings contain pre-compressed  rubber elastic compounds, can provide extra strength and extend service life.Since the rubber part is a separate insert, it can be inserted after the shaft is aligned.
So what are the fixing methods for elastic couplings? I will tell you in this article .

Set screw fixation:

Gap is 90 & ordm between two fixing screws.In the conventional fixing method, the front end of the screw is in contact with the shaft center, which may damage the shaft center or make dismantling difficult.

Clamping screws fixing:

With the tightening force of the hexagon  bolt, Slit shrink to clamping the shaft center. This method is easy to fix and disassemble, and will not cause damage to the shaft center. It is a common fixing method.

Keyway type fixing:

Suitable for high torque transmission. In order to prevent axial sliding, usually fixed with set screws and clamping screws.

D-hole fixing:

Generally, if the motor shaft is D-shaped ;if the positioning screws cannot be fixed, you can change the hole to the D-shaped hole of the motor shaft size ,then fix it with the positioning screws,  no need to worry about slipping.

Expansion sleeve fixing:

By tightening the four set screws on the end face of the coupling.Suitable for some high torque feed motors; the connection and fixing of servo motors; such as expansion sleeve diaphragm couplings;expansion sleeve plum couplings;expansion sleeve bellows couplings;expansion sleeve elastic couplings.
  Above is some fixed method about elastic coupling,if you want to learn more ,please free to contact us ,we are glad to offer more product information and other service .

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