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What is the difference between Star Type and Plum-Shaped Elastic Coupling ? Jun 10, 2013
The Plum-Shaped Elastic Coupling has the characteristics of compensating the relative displacement of the two axes, damping, buffering, small radial size, simple structure, no lubrication, high bearing capacity, and easy maintenance.However, when the  replace elastic element , the two coupling halves need move in the axial direction.

Star Type Elastic coupling with spider is made of polyurethane and rubber as elastic elements. It is suitable for connecting two coaxial transmission shafts. It can compensate the relative displacement of the two shafts, cushioning, damping and abrasion resistance.

Star Type coupling with spider are sometimes mistaken for Plum-Shaped couplings. They have similar structures and almost similar shapes after installation.The difference is the shape of the elastic elements, which are star-shaped and plum-shaped respectively.

However, the elastic performance of Star Type coupling with spider is lower than that of the plum coupling. because the elastomer of former is too thin , the elastic deformation is too small, so its performance must be lower than that of the plum coupling.

Therefore, under the same model, Star Type coupling with spider can withstand more torque. Compared with the plum coupling, its inner hole and shape can make more smaller. Star Type coupling with spidersuitable for more precise occasions, such as precision instruments and precision machine tools.

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