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Our company has a professional, technical production team, with excellent development and design capabilities. 
  • Universal Joint
    Universal coupling are an important part of mechanical drive systems and are often used to connect two axes or shafts with swings to transmit torque and motion.
    Universal Joint
  • Flexible Coupling
    Flexible couplings allow for individual axial displacement of the drive shaft, with the ability to compensate for the relative offset of the two axes.
    Flexible Coupling
  • Cardan Shaft
    The cardan shaft consists of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve, and a universal joint. The telescopic sleeve automatically adjusts the change in the distance between the transmission and the drive bridge. The universal joint ensure the transmission output shaft and the drive bridge input shaft two axis angle changes, and the two axes of the isometric speed transmission.
    Cardan Shaft
  • Aluminum Alloy Oldham Coupling
    Aluminum alloy oldham couplings, suitable for shaft joins with less torque, use fastening bolts to secure the shaft, which is one of the most traditional and lowest cost fixation methods. Ultra-elasticity compensates for angular deviations. Zero swing clearance, maintenance-free, oil- and corrosion-resistant.
    Aluminum Alloy Oldham Coupling
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Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. One of the earliest enterprises in China to produce universal joints.
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Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.
Our company has a professional, technical production team with Excellent development and design capabilities. According to user requirements, we could design and production of a variety of non-standard and special-shaped couplings to meet special requirements.The Self-developed "detachable universal joints" has applied for a national patent.Existing products: flexible coupling, Aluminum alloy elastic tube coupling, rigid coupling and shaft coupling.Our company mainly provides products or technical support for mechanical maintenance and equipment selection of various companies.
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About Us
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Our company has professional production equipment and production personnel.
HZCD WSP Extendable Alloy Steel Universal Joint Working Example
HZCD WSP Extendable Alloy Steel Universal Joint Working Example
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    Universal Cpuling Joint Producing Expert - Foshan Houzhe Transmission Co., Ltd.
    Universal Cpuling Joint Producing Expert - Foshan Houzhe Transmission Co., Ltd.
    Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co. , Ltd. has focused on research and development, design, and strive to build the industry's top brands since establishment. In order to promote comprehensive strength, we devote to the invention of utility models and improve the old design. With dozens of professional supporting equipment, the formation of a system of production processes,and strong supply capacity, well received at home and abroad. We don't talk useless word, We just devote and efforts!
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    What is the difference between Star Type and Plum-Shaped Elastic Coupling ?
    What is the difference between Star Type and Plum-Shaped Elastic Coupling ?
    The Plum-Shaped Elastic Coupling has the characteristics of compensating the relative displacement of the two axes, damping, buffering, small radial size, simple structure, no lubrication, high bearing capacity, and easy maintenance.However, when the  replace elastic element , the two coupling halves need move in the axial direction. Star Type Elastic coupling with spider is made of polyurethane and rubber as elastic elements. It is suitable for connecting two coaxial transmission shafts. It can compensate the relative displacement of the two shafts, cushioning, damping and abrasion resistance. Star Type coupling with spider are sometimes mistaken for Plum-Shaped couplings. They have similar structures and almost similar shapes after installation.The difference is the shape of the elastic elements, which are star-shaped and plum-shaped respectively. However, the elastic performance of Star Type coupling with spider is lower than that of the plum coupling. because the elastomer of former is too thin , the elastic deformation is too small, so its performance must be lower than that of the plum coupling. Therefore, under the same model, Star Type coupling with spider can withstand more torque. Compared with the plum coupling, its inner hole and shape can make more smaller. Star Type coupling with spidersuitable for more precise occasions, such as precision instruments and precision machine tools.
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  • Oct 07, 2021 Nitriding Treatment Of Coupling
    There are many heat treatment methods for Universal Joint Coupling. The common ones are anti-rust and blackening on the surface, quenching and tempering in order to change the hardness of steel parts,This article is mainly about nitridation treatments that are not commonly used. Nitridation is the process of nitriding the steel surface.When the ammonia gas is heated, active nitrogen atoms are deco...
  • Sep 24, 2021 Importance of Coupling Dynamic Balance
    Refers to the state of the centrifugal force that deviates from the transmission shaft system at both ends when the coupling is running. High-quality couplings must strictly control the accuracy index of the coupling dynamic balance    The dynamic balance accuracy index has different national standards according to different coupling types.High-quality couplings such as Cardan Universal ...
  • Sep 04, 2021 Technical Advantages of Diaphragm Couplings
    1.No lubrication required It relies on metal diaphragms to transmit torque and absorb deformation caused by misalignment. There is no relative movement, no friction and wear between different parts, so no need lubrication. Super suitable to the development direction of non oil process equipment. The gear coupling is a rigid movable coupling. It relies on the relative sliding between the surfaces t...

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